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Build custom multichain protocols

Developers can grow liquidity and users at scale with an open-source, time-tested messaging protocol engineered with security, decentralization, and modularity at its core.

Integrate easily

Integrate token bridging in just 3 lines of code with Connect, or implement custom cross-chain messaging integrations via the core contracts or the Wormhole SDK.

Accelerate growth

Accelerate the growth of your users and liquidity by connecting to the leading multi-chain network comprised of 25+ blockchains, thousands of apps, and billions of dollars in value.

Build securely

Security is held core to the Messaging protocol. The protocol uses signed Verified Action Approvals (VAAs) as a core primitive, Guardian nodes run full nodes for every connected blockchain, and relayers are untrusted in the mechanism.

Maintain decentralization

Wormhole is the most decentralized cross-chain messaging protocol, operated by a decentralized set of 19 validators called Guardians.

Future-proof your project

As the decentralized computing ecosystem evolves, Wormhole’s modularity allows to update its architecture and messaging mechanisms without breaking integrations.

Scale with time-tested tools

Operating since early 2021, Wormhole was the first-ever generic messaging protocol for blockchains and has strengthened and expanded over time.


Send messages cross-chain using a variety of verification methods to attest to the validity of a message. These options are all available to developers in Wormhole’s platform, depending on the chains involved in a given transaction, and the verification methods will continue to grow over time to incorporate new technologies.

Wormhole Guardians

Wormhole Guardians are a core element of the Wormhole Messaging protocol. It’s a decentralized network of 19 world-class validators that observe the Core Contract on each supported chain and produce verifiable approvals when those contracts receive a message from the Wormhole Messaging protocol.

Wormhole IBC

Wormhole XCM


Leverage heterogeneous relaying processes that enable a verified message to be sent to its intended destination. Relaying can be done in two different ways, with Automatic Relaying being the easiest path for most teams.

Automatic relaying

Quickly and easily leverage the off-chain components of cross-chain messaging with out-of-the-box cloud infrastructure provided for you.

Specialized relaying


Case Study


Multichain lending underdeveloped despite DeFi growth. Lack of accessible cross-chain/asset money markets. Existing solutions inflexible, insecure, unusable. Synonym building user-friendly multichain lending protocol for new & current DeFi ecosystems.

Jan 29, 2024


2 min read

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