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Pull any onchain data on-demand

Developers can leverage Queries for efficient, inexpensive, on-demand cross-chain data retrieval and attestation.

Simplified Cross-Chain Development

Reduce code and development time by using your existing state and read calls.

Cheaper Gas Fees

Save on gas fees with batched requests and avoid expensive cross-chain transactions.

Rapid Requests

Fetch cross-chain data in seconds, ensuring responsive and reliable cross-chain data retrieval for your app.

Proven Security

Benefit from attestation provided by the Wormhole Guardians for secure and trustworthy data access - the same security model trusted by Uniswap Foundation.

Flexible Data Retrieval

Leverage pull-based data retrieval to unlock new opportunities and flexibility for your application.

Queries by the numbers


Gas cost reduction


Response time

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Case Study


As EVM-compatible and non-EVM blockchains emerged, DeFi users gained the ability to trade, lend, and transact across ecosystems.

Apr 18, 2024


3 min read

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