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Security at the Core

Wormhole prioritizes the safety and integrity of cross-chain communications and multichain development by leveraging proven technology and decentralized validation via the Guardian Network.


Rigorous auditing

Wormhole's internal reviews by contributors and external audits by specialized firms ensure system reliability and user confidence.

Proven tech

Wormhole uses Ethereum's cryptography with a multi-sig approach. 19 globally distributed Guardian nodes sign messages via private key proof of authority but distrust each other. Diverse ops sec makes compromise nearly impossible.

Always open source

Wormhole prioritizes transparency and community, building openly since July 2020 to harden the network. Security progress, patterns, and processes are shared proudly with the ecosystem, welcoming contributions and improvements from all.

Global Accountant

Global Accountant, a CosmWasm module on Wormhole Gateway, ensures 1:1 parity between native and wrapped assets. It guarantees wrapped assets from a blockchain never exceed native assets sent to it, enhancing security for all of crypto.


Governor monitors asset outflows on connected chains, limiting volume to an acceptable ceiling. This slows potential cross-chain contagion during existential smart contract or blockchain vulnerabilities, enhancing security.

An industry-leading security program

Uniswap's most used multichain protocol

Wormhole was the only unconditionally approved cross-chain protocol by Uniswap's Bridge Assessment Committee's security experts.

The Guardians

Before any Wormhole transaction can be completed, it must pass through multiple Guardian nodes, each of which conducts its own independent validation process prior to verifying.


Chainode Tech

Chorus one




Hashkey Cloud



P2P Validator


Staking Facilities





Bug bounty program

Wormhole Foundation's bug bounty program offers $2.5M in incentives for white-hat hackers worldwide to find and report critical Wormhole bugs, enhancing platform security.