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W — Powering Wormhole

W is the native token that powers the Wormhole platform

A Multichain Native Token

W will initially launch as a native Solana SPL token. ERC20 functionality will be enabled post-launch through Wormhole's Native Token Transfers (NTT), allowing seamless transfers across any Wormhole-connected network.


Token symbol


Max supply


Initial circulating supply


Token format

Native ERC20 and SPL (using Wormhole’s Native Token Transfer framework) — ERC20 to be added post-launch


82% of W are initially locked, which will unlock over the course of four years per the vesting schedule below.

Wormhole DAO Governance

Wormhole's token-based governance system empowers token holders to influence the protocol's future. Some possible areas of decisions include:

Connection Management

Add and remove blockchain connections to Wormhole

Contract Upgrades

Upgrade smart contracts across Wormhole

Fee Adjustment

Adjust fees across various Wormhole products

Guardian Expansion

Expand or add new parties to the Guardian set

Rate Limiting

Adjust rate limits with regards to Wormhole security

Token Utility

Influence token utility and design


Launch Roadmap

Phase 1

Launch on Solana

W will initially launch as a native SPL token on the Solana network.

Phase 2

Stake W to Self-Delegate

Delegating tokens is a critical part of on-chain governance. W holders will be able to stake and delegate their tokens on both Solana and EVM chains.

EVM Expansion via Wormhole NTT

Following its Solana debut, W will expand to all Wormhole Native Token Transfers (NTT).

Multichain Governance

The Wormhole DAO – made up of W token holders – will operate via an industry-first multichain governance system. This system will be available on Solana, Ethereum mainnet, and EVM L2s at launch.

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