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Ecosystem Programs

The Wormhole ecosystem is supported by leading industry backers to enable the onboarding of the next generation of Web3 applications.

funds and grants for visionary teams who are building the multichain future

Ecosystem Fund

Borderless Capital has launched a $50 million fund to onboard the next generation of Web3 applications, bringing builders together to innovate applications that users love.

This is an anti-maxi initiative that goes far beyond a single chain or application. All builders, founders, and developers innovating cutting-edge apps, infrastructure, or tools that span multiple ecosystems are invited to apply.

Ecosystem Fund

xGrant program

The xGrant Program is designed to provide financial support, mentorship, and resources to innovative teams and projects to help them reach their full potential and make a significant impact in the industry.

Build with Wormhole and receive an xGrant of up to $250,000 today.

Encode x Wormhole Educate Series

24th June to 22nd July: Participate in weekly workshops led by Wormhole educators, perfect for all experience levels.

Learn, hack, and scale with Encode Club/Wormhole in 2024

Wormhole Base Camp Accelerator

Wormhole Base Camp is a 12-week accelerator program for startups looking to build projects, protocols, or companies that utilize Wormhole. The program is run by Outlier Ventures and participating teams will receive up to $200K USD in funding.

Got a big idea? Tell us all about it.

Share your idea. If it makes sense for Wormhole, you will be contacted to discuss a customized grant.