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Make any token natively multichain

Native Token Transfers (NTT) framework enables seamless creation and transfer of multichain tokens, maintaining ownership and contract upgradability across blockchains.

Unified multichain user experience

Tokens maintain their inherent properties on each chain, resulting in a natively authentic multichain token without altering their intrinsic characteristics.

No need for liquidity pools

NTT enables token transfers without the need for liquidity pools, eliminating associated fees, slippage, or MEV risk.

Integrator flexibility

Maintain ownership, upgrade authority, and customizability of a token. Integrate with any token contract, standard, or protocol governance processes.

Broad composability

NTT is an open-source, extensible token transfer framework built to be adopted widely across the ecosystem to build unique, customized functionality.

Multichain synchronized token

Wormhole Guardian infrastructure and Global Accountant enable multichain token balance integrity checks, giving access to a global, synchronized token state.

Powering natively multichain tokens for:

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Open, flexible, and fully composable

Built on Wormhole's security and efficiency

Security features

NTT implements advanced security features such as access controls, pausing, rate-limiting, and a global balance accounting integrity checker.

Wormhole messaging

Leverage the leading interoperability protocol with over 1 billion secure cross-chain messages sent to grow your project quickly and securely.

Custom attestation

NTT is flexible and customizable, allowing integrators the option to elect an additional verifier, such as a smart contract or off-chain process (see below).

How it works

Standard ArchitectureCustom Architecture

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Flexible framework for token transfers

New tokens

Deploy as a pure multichain burn-and-mint token where your native tokens are burned on the source chain and minted on the destination chain.

Existing tokens
Unique requirements


Fantom and Wormhole Deploy Circle’s Bridged USDC Standard, Paving the Way for Future Native Deployment

Fantom introduces USDC.e via Wormhole, bridging Circle's Ethereum USDC to Fantom as the primary stablecoin, replacing other USDC forms. In Phase 1, USDC.e is bridged and backed by USDC through Wormhole, with Fantom supporting liquidity for transfers.

Apr 04, 2024


2 min read

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