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Case Study

Synonym - Case Study

Jan 29, 2024


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The multichain lending market, a vital segment in the DeFi landscape, is currently underdeveloped. Despite the substantial progress in creating powerful lending primitives and multichain infrastructure, there remains a notable absence of an easy-to-use, multichain money market that provides access to a diverse range of chains and assets. Existing solutions often lack flexibility, security, and ease of use, leaving a significant gap in the market. Synonym aims to address this challenge by introducing a flexible, user-friendly multichain lending protocol that caters to the needs of both new and existing DeFi ecosystems.


Synonym is innovating in the multichain lending space by harnessing the power of Wormhole's multichain technology stack and Circle's Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP). Wormhole's technology enables seamless and secure message transfers across chains, mitigating risks associated with centralized custodians and bridge hacks. Synonym’s integration with CCTP allows for native USDC minting and burning, facilitating multichain liquidity pooling and reducing USDC fragmentation. Synonym's approach is characterized by its hub-and-spoke model with Arbitrum as the hub chain, enabling a unified interface for users to engage in lending activities across multiple chains. This model is bolstered by the high connectivity and security improvements of Wormhole, coupled with the permissionless, secure messaging capabilities of CCTP.


The implementation of Synonym's multichain lending protocol leads to a transformative lending and borrowing experience. Users benefit from a unified interface to borrow, repay, and withdraw across various chains, eliminating the need for multiple applications. The protocol's true cross-collateralization allows borrowing on destination chains using your source chain’s collateral. This architecture ensures a secure, seamless, and efficient multichain lending environment with unified liquidity. Additionally, Synonym's alignment with the evolving DeFi trends, like inter-rollup transactions, positions it as a highly flexible and adaptable solution in the multichain lending market. The end product is not just a lending platform but a comprehensive, secure, and user-centric ecosystem that drives the next wave of innovation in the DeFi space.


Multichain lending underdeveloped despite DeFi growth. Lack of accessible cross-chain/asset money markets. Existing solutions inflexible, insecure, unusable. Synonym building user-friendly multichain lending protocol for new & current DeFi ecosystems.