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The Web of Web3

Hundreds of companies and applications use Wormhole’s blockchain connectivity platform to securely and scalably grow their user base, increase market share, and drive more on-chain activity.

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A platform for blockchain developers

Wormhole is an open source blockchain development platform connecting the decentralized web.



Foundational to Wormhole, the Messaging protocol enables secure cross-chain transfers of tokens or data.



Pull any on-chain data to your app on any chain, on-demand.



Integrate an in-app bridging widget in 3 lines of code.



Grow liquidity and users for Cosmos-based apps and chains.



value transferred (all-time)



Messages Sent


Applications built that use Messaging


Runtimes supported


Blockchains supported

Uniswap's most used cross-chain protocol

Wormhole was the only unconditionally approved cross-chain protocol by Uniswap's Bridge Assessment Committee's security experts

Wormhole received the top rating after Uniswap’s multi-month deep technical analysis of six messaging protocols. The assessment framework consisted of 20 subcategories and over 130 assessment questions covering topics like security, decentralization, technical architecture, implementation risk, and operational risk. Wormhole was the only protocol approved without conditions for use in all cross-chain deployments by Uniswap’s Committee.

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Wormhole powers apps across Web3

Wormhole sends messages cross-chain using a variety of verification methods to attest to the validity of a message. These options are all available to developers in Wormhole’s platform, depending on the chains involved in a given transaction, and the verification methods will continue to grow over time to incorporate new technologies.

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Drive liquidity and user growth to your ecosystem from 23+ other networks with modularity that provides you the choice of verification and relaying methods.


Accelerate your TVL and community growth, while enjoying automatic relaying and Wormhole Connect’s in-app cross-chain widget in just 3 lines of code


Broadcast governance decisions from your base chain to deployments on other networks using Wormhole Messaging and a simple one-directional message receiver contract.


Build bridge UIs with Wormhole Messaging to enable cross-chain token transfers for developers


Take your NFT collection cross-chain using Wormhole’s NFT burn and mint mechanism to expand your community’s reach.

Natively cross-chain apps

Build natively cross-chain apps, such as cross-chain lending protocols, using Messaging along with other Wormhole integrations like Circle’s CCTP.

Security at the core

19 validator nodes

(Wormhole Guardians)

Governor and Global Accountant

provided by Gateway

Continuous audits

$2M Bug Bounty

Contributions to industry-wide security

Fully open source

Ecosystem programs

Ecosystem programs

The Wormhole ecosystem is supported by leading industry backers to enable the onboarding of the next generation of Web3 applications.

This support includes the deployment of funds and grants for visionary teams who are building a cross-chain future.

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2024 Ⓒ Wormhole. All Rights Reserved.