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The gateway to Cosmos

Gateway connects liquidity and users from Ethereum and beyond to Cosmos chains and apps, all with an IBC-based liquidity router.

Purpose-built for Cosmos

Gateway leverages the flexibility of the Cosmos SDK and CosmWasm to enable seamless composability between the Wormhole Stack and the Cosmos Ecosystem.

No additional bridge fees

Gateway’s purpose is to drive liquidity to grow the Cosmos ecosystem, not to charge users additional fees for transferring their own assets.

Fungible assets via IBC

Gateway utilizes the ICS-20 standard for IBC-native token bridging, ensuring greater fungibility of assets, compliance with Cosmos protocols, and a better experience for users.

Deep interchain liquidity

Gateway and the greater Wormhole ecosystem have industry-leading liquidity and integrations across Ethereum, Solana, and over 25 other chains.

One IBC connection to reach all of crypto

Added security for the Wormhole stack

Battle-tested security

Wormhole Gateway leverages a hardened set of core trust assumptions enforced by a decentralized set of 19 validators called Guardians. Wormhole has one of the leading security programs in web3, as confirmed by a team of independent security professionals as part of Uniswap’s June 2023 bridge assessment report, where Wormhole was ranked #1 of all protocols evaluated.

Global Accountant

Global Accountant is a CosmWasm-based module that aims to ensure that fungibility of native and wrapped assets remain in 1:1 parity.  This module operates as a smart contract on Wormhole Gateway and aims to ensure that at no time will wrapped assets coming from a blockchain exceed the number of native assets sent to that blockchain. This Cosmos-based product improves security for all of crypto.


The Governor security feature monitors outflows of assets on connected blockchains and limits asset volume to an acceptable ceiling, slowing down the potential for cross-chain contagion in the context of an existential smart contract or connected blockchain vulnerability.

Integration Process

In addition to message routing, Gateway provides security benefits for the broader Wormhole Stack and its Guardian nodes.

  1. Get in touch with Wormhole contributors
  2. Your chain approved and relaying goes live
  3. Wormhole governance proposal to add your chain
Integration Process