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How to Register as a Delegate for the Wormhole DAO

May 23, 2024


4 min read


Anyone can now register to accept votes from other Wormhole W tokenholders and become a Delegate in the Wormhole DAO.

Delegates play a crucial role in the governance of the Wormhole DAO, helping to shape the future of the Wormhole protocol. While all token holders can self-delegate and vote independently, they also have the option to delegate their votes to trusted community representatives.

If you're interested in taking an active role in Wormhole governance, now is the perfect time to get involved.

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering as a delegate:

1. Navigate to Tally

Start by navigating to Tally.


2. Connect Your Wallet

In the top right corner, click on Connect Wallet. Once the pop-up appears, select the wallet of your choosing. For the purposes of this guide, we will be using Metamask.


The wallet will prompt you to sign in. In the case of MetaMask, the message will look like the one shown below. Sign in to proceed.


Once done, the application will show in the top right corner which wallet is connected. The next step is to register as a delegate. Navigate to and click on the Register button on the right side.


3. Provide Basic Information

You are first presented with some basic information. Proceed by clicking on the Continue button.


4. Complete the Registration Process

The entire registration process has three steps. Begin by filling in some basic information and choosing an avatar and a display name. You also have the option to link your Twitter profile.


The following step asks for more details about your delegate profile. If you plan to be an active delegate and wish to receive delegations, make sure to keep the Seeking delegations option checked.

Next, fill in your full delegate statement. It is recommended to use the provided template since it covers the most critical information that voters would like to see.


Before submitting your profile, review all the information provided in the summarized preview. If you would like to change some information, feel free to go back and make changes. Once you are satisfied with your profile, click on the Submit button.


A pop-up will appear celebrating your new profile. It also prompts you to go to the Wormhole Forum and publish your delegate statement, which will be covered in the next step. You can also copy the link to your Tally profile by clicking on the Copy button if needed. New delegates are encouraged to share their profile on social media and other community channels.


5. Publish Your Delegate Statement on the Wormhole Forum

Go to the Wormhole Forum, specifically the Delegate Platform section. In the top right corner, click on New Topic. Now write and resubmit your delegate statement.


Once you have completed the steps above, it’s time to start spreading the word and campaigning. Successful delegates will need to attract the interest and confidence of W tokenholders. Good luck!

You can find more information about the process and what being a delegate means in this blog post.

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