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Case Study

Backpack Wallet Integrates Wormhole to Go Multichain

Feb 02, 2024


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What is Backpack?

Backpack is not just an average digital wallet - it’s also a regulated centralized exchange that operates in jurisdictions across the world.

Backpack’s Wallet is a security conscious, non-custodial crypto wallet that supports both Solana and Ethereum. In addition to normal wallet functions like Swapping, Staking and Transferring, the Wallet places a major emphasis on asset security.

Collection Locking is a simple mechanism that automatically rejects transaction requests and protects NFTs during a wallet drain. More than one hundred of Solana’s top collections are covered under the protection umbrella.

The Wallet also serves as a hub for xNFTs, decentralized applications that operate within the Backpack Wallet. Hundreds of xNFTs are available for download in the xNFT Library.

Backpack is going multichain

The integration of the Wormhole protocol into the Backpack product line represents a significant leap towards a multichain future.

Wormhole is a multichain messaging protocol that facilitates seamless token swaps and interactions across different blockchain networks. This allows Backpack users to effortlessly Bridge and Swap tokens between Solana and Ethereum. Users are encouraged to begin trying out Wormhole within the Backpack wallet. To download Backpack, visit Backpack’s download page.

The Wormhole integration embodies the vision of both teams to create an interconnected web3 future. Users can now enjoy a simplified crypto experience when bridging assets across chains and unlocking new use cases within the Backpack ecosystem.

This collaboration reinforces Backpack’s position as a comprehensive solution for any crypto user.