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31 Oct 2022

2 min read

xChain Monthly — October


Welcome to the xChain Monthly, Wormhole’s monthly update about everything xChain.

The spooky month is coming to an end today, and it has been a busy one at Wormhole. Besides launching three new chains, we hosted xHack — the premier xChain hackathon, made new frens, and built new partnerships.

Here’s the full rundown:

⛓️ New Chains

  • Aptos mainnet goes live — and just a few hours later, it was live on Wormhole, enabling token transfers and sending oracle pricing data across chains.
  • Welcome to Wormhole, XPLA, the chain that aims to bring gamers from Web2 to Web3.
  • Another new chain joins the network — Algorand.

💻 xHack

Wow — what a wild ride that was! The Pit hosted hundreds of builders, speakers and panelists over the last four weeks at xHack. We saw awesome talks and panels from different DeFi protocols, L1s, Wormhole core contributors, Web3 researchers, and many others. Check out some of the highlights:

🤝 Killer partnerships

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Community

⚒ Rando

  • Builders gonna build! Over the last few months, devs downloaded the Wormhole SDK several thousand times per week. Just last week, we saw over 6,700 downloads 🤯📈🐂

✨ New Stuff

Wormhole in 60 — Video Series

Have you checked out our latest series “Wormhole in 60”? We explore different topics each week, in just 60 seconds! This month, we covered:

What’s next?

Sooo…. what’s coming next for xChain? It’s never been easier to find out — we just launched a new page on Wormhole, https://wormhole.com/next, a place where the xChain community can discover all features on the horizon for Wormhole.

And the cool thing is: anyone can submit ideas to be considered! Got a new feature or idea you wish Wormhole would implement? We’d love to hear it!

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