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Ecosystem Programs

The Wormhole ecosystem is supported by leading industry backers to enable the onboarding of the next generation of Web3 applications. This support includes the deployment of funds and grants for visionary teams who are building a cross-chain future.

$50M Cross-Chain
Ecosystem Fund

Borderless Capital has launched a $50 million fund to onboard the next generation of Web3 applications, bringing builders together to innovate applications that users love.

This is an anti-maxi initiative that goes far beyond a single chain or application. All builders, founders, and developers innovating cutting-edge apps, infrastructure, or tools that span multiple ecosystems are invited to apply.

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xGrant Program

The future is multichain. We are enabling the next generation of builders to meet users where they are. Whatever the use case, Wormhole exists as infrastructure to give you access to all blockchains.

If you're a developer or team interested in building with Wormhole, please apply below to be considered for an xGrant.

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Types of xGrants


Get a pre-determined, limited-scope feature or tool built out.


Integrate your project with Wormhole in a novel way.


Go big or go home. Build a moonshot idea that acts as a flywheel for user adoption.


Push the boundaries of what’s possible for interoperability.

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Got a big idea? Tell us all about it.

Share your idea, and if it makes sense for Wormhole, we’ll reach out to discuss a customized grant. We want your voice to be heard as you become a cross-chain expert and build the future of blockchain.

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