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xDev easier.

Wormhole provides you with the tools and primitives for xChain use cases ranging from simple messaging to xApps .

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Common use cases.


xChain Tokens and NFTs are path-independent and fungible.


Developers from multiple ecosystems can build apps that access more users and liquidity from other chains.


Break data silos to offer high performance, low-cost access to data from other chains and applications.


One integration for a heterogeneous set of chains.

Leading protocols are building on Wormhole.

Wormhole Core

Explore integration scenarios.

Token Bridge

Leverage xChain fungible assets, powered by Wormhole.

xChain messages as easily as calling a contract.

Explore our messaging docs:

1//SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
2pragma solidity ^0.8.0;
4import "./Wormhole/IWormhole.sol";
6contract Messenger {
7    address private wormhole_core_bridge_address = address(0xC89Ce4735882C9F0f0FE26686c53074E09B0D550);
8    IWormhole core_bridge = IWormhole(wormhole_core_bridge_address);
10    function sendMsg(bytes memory str) public returns (uint64 sequence) {
11    //Publish Msg takes uint32 nonce, bytes payload, uint8 consistency level
12    sequence = core_bridge.publishMessage(nonce, str, 1);
13    nonce = nonce+1;
14  }

Start your xBuild. Talk to our devs.

Wormhole provides you with the tools and primitives to start building.

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2022 Ⓒ Wormhole. All Rights Reserved.