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How to reach more users across blockchains

More apps. More assets. More data. More users.

Take your token cross-chain as an xAsset

Powered by Wormhole:

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Take your NFT collection cross-chain

Receive deposits from users on any chain

Build multichain dapps with generic messaging

Wormhole is how you
reach more usersgrow liquiditybuild safelystay decentralizedbuild cross-chainscale your productlaunch on every chain

Wormhole's cross-chain messaging protocol helps you build dapps that work across multiple chains and support users wherever they are, expanding your addressable markets to all of Web3.

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Cross-chain case studies

Explore our curated case studies focusing on various cross-chain applications and use cases. Each study illustrates the project's initial challenges, the solution Wormhole offered or enabled, and the concrete, measurable results realized from integrating one of Wormhole's products.


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Have a cross-chain idea you want to bring to life?

Share your idea, and if it makes sense for Wormhole, we’ll reach out to discuss a customized grant. We want your voice to be heard as you become a cross-chain expert and build the future of blockchain.

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2024 Ⓒ Wormhole. All Rights Reserved.