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05 Jan 2023

2 min read

xChain Monthly — December


Welcome to the xChain Monthly, Wormhole’s monthly update about everything xChain.

It’s hard to believe, but 2022 is already over! Let’s have a look at the latest updates, news, and achievements in the Wormhole ecosystem:

🛡️ Security

⚬ Take some time to read through our comprehensive “Wormhole Security Program — End-of-Year Update”: Here’s the blog post and Twitter thread.

⛓️ New Chains

⚬ We teased a new chain — did you solve the puzzle?

⚬ Of course, it was Injective that was added to the Wormhole network!

⚬ And here’s Josh, taking 60 seconds to show you why Injective is so cool.

⚬ Plus, we joined Injective’s Twitter Space to chat about what it means for the DeFi-focused L1 to go xChain.

🤝 Powered by Wormhole

⚬ Our Moonbeam frens wrote an awesome, in-depth blog post about Cross-Chain Connected Contracts with Wormhole’s Relayer Engine.

⚬ Following the recent passage of MIP-11, the Moonbeam community can now enjoy incentives for supplying wormhole-wrapped WBTC, ETH, and USDC on Moonwell.

⚬ We’re super excited to welcome Hashflow to the Wormhole ecosystem!

⚬ …and took 60 seconds to tell you all about the integration!

⚬ Later that week, @KanavKariya, President at Jump Crypto & @shadddowfax, strategic partnerships at Jump Crypto, joined Hashflow for a Twitter Space to talk xChain, DeFi, and building with Wormhole!

⚬ We saw Punks being wormholed to Solana…

⚬ …but @hgesol did not stop at Punks: A real Beeple found its way to Solana!

We’re really looking forward to Bonfida using Wormhole to bring SNS (Solana Name Service) cross-chain.

💻 Building

⚬ Wormhole contributors are busier than ever — here are the Wormhole GitHub stats for November and December.

@nsuri_ sat down with @imperator_co for their “Fast & Crypto” show to chat about why Wormhole chose Cosmos for building Wormchain — the purpose-built blockchain to house infra for the Guardian network & entire Wormhole platform!

⚬ @spacemandev gave a workshop together with @movedevs & @EvernewCapital to teach how to build xDapps and about the technicalities of xChain development using Move, Solidity, & Rust!

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Community

⚬ Great news! PancakeSwap now supports Wormhole assets on Aptos!

@decentradev, contributor to Wormhole, joined the folks at @lifiprotocol to dive deep into arbitrary messaging & Wormhole’s design principles.

⚬ Not interested in listening? No worries, we found some notes for that Lifi Protocol Space!

🪄 Rando

⚬ OT: While Wormhole devs are pushing the boundaries of xChain, physicists push the boundaries of space-time.

⚬ Did you know that we had over 150,000 Wormhole SDK downloads in 2022? See for yourself!

We just found out that in 2022 over 150,000 messages were sent on our Discord server! …but that’s nothing compared to the 139,000,000 messages sent through Wormhole!

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