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11 Jan 2022

2 min read

Oasis comes to Wormhole!


Woohoo! Today, we’re excited to announce the 7th supported chain on the Wormhole network: Oasis!

Wormhole will be the first cross-chain bridge connected to Oasis Emerald Paratime, allowing users to bridge to and from all supported chains (Terra, Solana, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon).

Why Oasis?

As a Layer 1 blockchain focusing on privacy-first, high throughput, and scalability, Oasis aspires to ensure privacy in DeFi. Users can leverage its cheap fees and quick transactions due to instant finality, allowing transactions to be processed almost instantly! In November, Oasis Foundation launched a $160M development fund for DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse projects building on the Oasis network. With Wormhole being the first bridge to allow transfer to and from Oasis, we strive to play an essential role in the networks expansion plans.

UST on Oasis

Just recently, a Terra governance proposal passed to incentivize UST pools with $255k worth of LUNA rewards on the newly launched DEX Yuzu Swap. That means Wormhole will enable UST to be the first decentralized stablecoin on Oasis.

Liquid markets

Starting today, users can send USDT and WETH from Ethereum to Oasis and trade assets on Yuzu Swap.

Users can also bridge the following Wormhole wrapped tokens to Oasis:


  • USDTet (Dn4noZ5jgGfkntzcQSUZ8czkreiZ1ForXYoV2H8Dm7S1)
  • ETH(wormhole) (7vfCXTUXx5WJV5JADk17DUJ4ksgau7utNKj4b963voxs)

Binance Smart Chain

  • USDTet (0x524bc91dc82d6b90ef29f76a3ecaabafffd490bc)
  • ETH(wormhole) (0x4db5a66e937a9f4473fa95b1caf1d1e1d62e29ea)


  • USDTet (0x9417669fbf23357d2774e9d421307bd5ea1006d2)
  • ETH(wormhole) (0x11cd37bb86f65419713f30673a480ea33c826872)


  • ETH(wormhole) (0x8b82A291F83ca07Af22120ABa21632088fC92931)


  • weETH(terra14tl83xcwqjy0ken9peu4pjjuu755lrry2uy25r)

Regularly check our Twitter for announcements about new supported markets!

New to Wormhole?

To everyone who never used Wormhole before: A very warm welcome to the leading decentralized cross-chain bridge! Below you can watch Chase M., a Wormhole contributor, explaining in great detail what Wormhole does and how it works.

How to use Wormhole

We’ve set up easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in our Tutorial: How to use Wormhole — this is also, where you can find our FAQs and documentation.

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