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30 Jun 2023

3 min read

Cross-Chain Monthly: June 2023


Welcome to the Cross-Chain Monthly, Wormhole’s monthly update on all news, events, and developments in the Wormhole & Cross-Chain ecosystem.In this edition we'll cover:

  1. The Wormhole Fellowship Launch
  2. Uniswap Cross-Chain Deployments
  3. tBTC Bringing Bitcoin Everywhere
  4. Projects Powered by Wormhole
  5. Community Events
  6. Latest Developments

Let's get into it!

💍 Launching the Wormhole Fellowship

Wormhole is excited to announce the introduction of the Wormhole Fellowship, an initiative that aims to engage and empower our community members to contribute actively towards its growth. The Wormhole Fellowship serves as a launchpad for community members, aiming to spread awareness about Wormhole and to help kickstart a potential career in web3.

🦄 Uniswap Cross-Chain Deployments

  • Wormhole Ranked Top Bridge by Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee: the Bridge Assessment Committee, commissioned by the Uniswap Foundation ranked Wormhole as the top bridge and approved Wormhole for use in all cross-chain deployments of Uniswap.  The Committee, made up of impartial industry experts, evaluated six major bridges and Wormhole was the only one that was fully approved for deployments. (full assessment report, tweet)
  • The Wormhole Foundation looks forward to continuing to work to grow the Uniswap protocol and provide a best-in-class interoperability platform for builders. (blog post)
  • In collaboration with GFX Labs, the Wormhole Foundation is excited to release new tooling that allows any EVM-based blockchain to deploy Uniswap v3! (blog post, tweet)

🔝 Bitcoin goes everywhere with tBTC

  • tBTC, Threshold Network's decentralized version of wrapped Bitcoin, is now live on Optimism (powered by Wormhole) (tweet)
  • Listen to the exciting Twitter Space with Optimism, Velodrome, and Threshold Network that discusses tBTC going to Optimism (tweet)

🤝 Powered By Wormhole

  • Drift Protocol introduces in-app cross-chain swaps, powered by Wormhole (tweet)
  • Pike Finance, the first natively cross-chain lending market on BASE, is powered by Wormhole (tweet)
  • Thanks to the feedback of the Sei Community at the Sei Bridge Test Event, the Sei Bridge has been upgraded and now supports Wormhole assets (tweet)
  • Beamswap integrates Wormhole (tweet)
  • KeyApp integrates Wormhole (tweet)
  • YouSUI bridge is now powered by Wormhole (tweet)
  • Brickken uses Wormhole to make its $BKN token a xAsset (tweet)
  • Cross-chain swaps are now live in public beta on Magpie Protocol's dapp, powered by Wormhole (tweet)
  • Bucket Protocol integrated Wormhole Connect (tweet)

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Community

  • Superteam India gave us an insider look into the "Crosschain Clubhouse" (tweet)
  • ...and later gave us an update on what 30 builders are building at the "Crosschain Clubhouse" (tweet)
  • Robinson Burkey, Head of Growth at the Wormhole Foundation, joined Algorand's Twitter Space to chat about lending protocols with Pact.Fi and Folks.Finance (tweet)
  • We’re just one month away from the Encode Hacker House at EthCC (tweet, register here)
  • We jumped on a Twitter Spaces with Carrier: "Around Web3 with Wormhole & Carrier" (tweet)

💻 Tech Developments

  • Circle's CCTP is now live on mainnet Arbitrum, and thus USDC can now be sent between Ethereum and Aribtrum via the Portal Bridge (bridge link, blog post, tweet)
  • Did you know there are infinite ways to customize your Wormhole Connect UI? (tweet)
  • Let Aakash Thumaty, Product Manager at Wormhole, explain what Wormhole Connect is and what it is capable of (tweet, YouTube)
  • We're building in the open. Always. Below, you can find June's Github stats. (GitHub)

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Wormhole Connect Integrates Circle’s CCTP for In-App Transfers of Native USDC on Any EVM Network

20 Sep 2023

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