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Picture a city

A beautiful city.

A city full of art.

Full of culture.

Their own language.

Their own customs.

They move at their own speed.

Now ask yourself Does this sound like a city you might want to visit one day?

Wormhole’s mission is not simply to help you get there.
But to help you get there safely.

To create interoperability that makes connectivity between chains radically simple and secure. Interoperability is as vital as the roads you drive on to get from one place to another.

It creates greater audiences. And greater applications for those audiences.

As a developer in a pre-interoperability world, you would have to make a decision for which chain to build as they all use different programming models.

Wormhole’s mission is to be the leader in interoperability security. To reduce the friction for developers to build applications that are either interoperable or accessible from multiple chains.

To be hypervigilant and aware, always.

To that end, Wormhole features old and new are all implemented with the following goals:

To ensure access to every chain,

To create access to as many Web 3 audiences as possible,

To be simple to integrate with other apps,

And to be simple to use, in general.

All of these features make Wormhole safer and make it easier than ever to go cross-chain.

From city to city to city.

Which is precisely as it should be.

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2024 Ⓒ Wormhole. All Rights Reserved.