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30 Sep 2022

2 min read

xChain Monthly — September


Welcome to the xChain Monthly, Wormhole’s monthly update about everything xChain.

This month, it’s all about xHack, the xChain hackathon by Wormhole. And while we’ve been busy preppin’ the hackin’, a lot of other exciting stuff has been going on. New chains, rivals becoming frens, frens becoming frens, successful proposals, and an updated bug bounty program… here’s a full rundown of what’s happened in the xChain world in September:

💻 xHack

Here we go! xHack, the first xChain hackathon by Wormhole, started on Sept 26th. Currently, over 150 participants are hacking away — check out our Twitter to stay up-to-date about talks, events, and what’s being built.

Learn what xHack is all about.

⚬ Check out the xHack Community Call, in which we answer all the xHack Q’s.

⚬ We’ve had one, yes. But what about a second xHack Community Call?

⚬ What’s happening in the first xHack week, you might wonder? Look no further.

⚬ Not only can you hack away at xHack, but you can also directly talk to representatives of various L1 chains to gain deeper knowledge about their network or get dev support straight away.

Project & protocols, which are already using (or just about to unleash) the power of Wormhole, are at xHack as well.

⚬ …and of course, Kanav is at xHack! 😃

🤝 Powered by Wormhole

Once rivals, now frens — Allbridge decided to integrate the Wormhole core messaging layer for its new product, Allbridge Core.

⚬ We feel like wingmen! Two Wormhole frens became frens — Mayan just integrated Swim’s stablecoin pools to enable cross-chain stable swaps.

⛓️ New Chains

This is a big one! As you just heard at #Mainnet2022 it’s official: Wormhole will be supporting Aptos from Day 1.

In a proposal, Moonbeam’s community chose Wormhole as the network’s go-to bridge. We are super stoked about this one — thank you, Moonbeamer

Welcome, Moonbeam! After the successful proposal, we went straight to work and integrated Moonbeam into the Wormhole network as the 17th supported chain.

🪄 Rando

⚬ We started an additional Twitter account, Wormhole Status, our feed for up-to-the-minute status updates on the Wormhole network.

⚬ The Ethereum Merge happened, and we answered the most common questions for our community

🪲 Bug Bounty Pre-Release Program

We just announced the Wormhole Bug Bounty Pre-Release Program.

Wormhole operates the largest bug bounty program in existence with top-end payouts of $10,000,000 USDC, but we are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to make these programs better. A popular ask from white-hat hackers has been whether Wormhole could offer an early access provision for the bug bounty programs — meaning bounties could be submitted for new features and new chain integrations before they are deployed on mainnet. Well, we’ve heard your feedback and agree there’s a lot of mutual value in doing this.

Check out our Twitter thread or full blog post about the Wormhole Bug Bounty Pre-Release Program.

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