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31 Jan 2023

2 min read

xChain Monthly — January


Welcome to the xChain Monthly, Wormhole’s monthly update about everything xChain.

2023 is here! And the first month of the year, January, is already over! Let’s have a look at the latest updates, news, and achievements in the Wormhole ecosystem:

⛓️ New Chains

⚬ New chains are coming in February! Stay tuned!

🤝 Powered by Wormhole

⚬ We’re incredibly excited about an upcoming partnership… we can’t say much yet, but here’s a tiny hint.

⚬ xChain identity: Bonfida announced that they will bring their SNS (Solana Name Service) cross-chain with Wormhole.

⚬ We’re really excited about this upcoming integration! @prime_protocol, the first natively cross-chain prime brokerage, will utilize Wormhole to increase the protocol’s cross-chain reliability, reduce transaction times, and improve user experience. Read more here.

💻 Building

⚬ Just going to leave December’s Github stats here.

⚬ Check out @nsuri_ at @imperator_co ‘s Fast & Crypto show talking about Wormchain and why Wormhole chose to build on @cosmos.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Community

⚬ The Moonbeam Illuminate/22 Hack has come to a close!🧑‍💻 Find the Wormhole bounty winners here.

⚬ The @CurveFinance Ethereum stable pool for cUSD (wormholed from @CeloOrg), FRAX and USDC hit $1M in liquidity!

⚬ Wohooo! @CeloOrg Proposal #80 has unanimously been passed! …and with that, $10M USDC has been bridged via Wormhole to supply the $20M cUSD <> USDC Celo pool on @CurveFinance.

⚬ Grab a drink and read @jump_ck ‘s (incredibly detailed) thoughts on “Enforcing resource invariants in Move”, the programming language that powers @Aptos_Network. In this post, he’s demonstrating some of Move’s unique type system features.

@jump_ck takes another look into the specialties of Move: “Governance-based contract upgrades on Aptos.” Specifically, how to implement smart contract upgrades via governance on @Aptos_Network.

@jump_ck joins the @Aptos_Network team for Aptos Move Monday to chat about his two latest research papers.

⚬ Check out the Twitter Space in which we join @JupiterExchange & @MayanFinance to reflect on 2022 and look ahead at what’s coming for DeFi, Solana, and xChain in 2023!

⚬ The Moonbeam community voted to add wormholed BUSD (BUSD.wh) to @MoonwellDeFi Artemis. Here’s the announcement.

🪄 Rando

⚬ Did you miss last year’s @injective x Wormhole Twitter Space? Josh got you covered!

@Joshua_SH_ worked some extra hours (so you don’t have to) and summarized @jump_ck ‘s knowledge drop at @Aptos_Network. Move Monday about his recent research on Move. Find his notes here.

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