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01 Jun 2022

3 min read

Out Of the Wormhole — June Newsletter


Welcome to the seventh edition of OOTW, summarizing what went down in May 2022!

Table of contents

  1. New network additions: Algorand and Injective
  2. FTX chooses Portal as their go-to bridge
  3. Wormhole Frens — Swim Protocol
  4. Wormhole Education: xAssets, xData, Wormhole Guardians, Benefits of cross-chain development
  5. Twitter Spaces: Wormhole roadmap, Mobland, xDEFI wallet
  6. Our community expands to China
  7. Liquid market updates
  8. Past OOTW editions

Let’s get started!

1. New network additions

Algorand and Injective are joining the Wormhole Network!

Why does that matter?

Well, as part of the Wormhole Network, Algorand enables liquidity to flow into new ecosystems, which impacts growth and the expansion of decentralized protocols, projects, liquidity, governance, and more.

Injective’s integration with Wormhole enables cross-chain native assets from previously inaccessible networks — such as Solana and other Layer 1 chains — to enter the Cosmos universe! Are you excited as we are?! Read more about the integration here!

2. FTX chooses Portal

In other news, FTX chose Wormhole’s Portal bridge to be their go-to cross-chain bridge, and in doing so, expanded their support of deposits and withdrawals of Portal-wrapped tokens. Which is awesome, because users can now deposit and withdraw selected Portal wrapped assets from/to Solana including $ETH, $LINK, $SUSHI, and more. Details about this integration here. For anyone wanting to give it a try, check out our walk-through guide!

3. Wormhole Frens — Swim Protocol

In our latest Wormhole frens, we introduced Swim protocol, an AMM bridge that transfer tokens across chains via multi-token liquidity pools. And of course, these pools utilize Portal bridge for the underlying bridging function. See our blog post for more details about the integration and how it works.

4. Want to learn more about Wormhole?

Here are some explainers:


xAssets are an important part of building interoperability & allowing blockchains to communicate with each other. To understand what they are, how they work and their advantages, check out our thread here.


xData makes it easy for protocols to synchronize data between chains. Read more about how builders can leverage xData for their dApps here!

Wormhole Guardians

The Guardians play a vital role in the Wormhole community. Learn more about their role and how they’re an asset to our xChain future here.

Cross-chain development

Want to find out why we’re excited about building xChain? Three words: Liquidity, Community, Identity. Check out our blog post on the benefits of cross-chain development here.

5. Twitter Spaces

Want to know more about the protocols building on Wormhole? Head to Twitter spaces. Our episodes this past May were pretty cool:

I. Our first Twitter Space was with Wormhole developer Dev, who shared all the deets on the next supported networks, payload 3, relayers, xAssets and xDapps!

II. For our second Twitter Space, we teamed up with The Shipshow to talk all things Mobland. Find out how Mobland is integrating Wormhole, what Mafia subDAOs are, and how to join the Mob!

III. Multichain wallet xDEFI joined our third Twitter Space and gave us an insider’s look into their upcoming integration with Wormhole. Find it here.

6. Our community expands to China

You spoke, we listened, and we have our first international language community. Users are now able to chat and get support in Mandarin on Discord. Follow us for updates in Chinese on our Twitter and Medium too.

Join the community today 🤝 立即加入我们的大家庭

7. Liquid markets

From May 5th, Raydium will migrate $RAY rewards from their RAY-soETH farm to RAY-ETH(Portal). Check out our guide here on how to migrate your soETH to ETH and claim those yields!

8. Past OOTW editions

Want to catch up on what’s been happening at Wormhole? Check out our other OOTW editions!

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