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04 Jan 2022

3 min read

Out of the Wormhole #3


Wormhole December Update

Happy New Year Einsteins!



  • Avalanche has been the latest addition to Wormhole as the 6th supported chain allowing seamless transfers of assets between any connected chain!
  • Wormhole is partnering with Serum to launch a hackathon — Convergence — kicking off on January, 5th
  • Wormhole and Sollet wrapped assets undergo a name swap on Solana
  • More liquid markets have been added for Wormhole wrapped assets such as AVAX, UST, LUNA, WETH
  • Everdragons NFT leverages Wormhole’s SDK
  • Oasis is coming soon to Wormhole!

Table of contents

  1. Avalanche joins the Wormhole network
  2. Hackathon: Convergence
  3. More liquidity on several new markets
  4. Token name changes & Wormhole V1 PSA
  5. Everdragons integrates Wormhole SDK
  6. Oasis (and more) are coming soon

Avalanche joins the Wormhole network

The community has spoken (Wen Avax?!) and we’ve listened 🙌🏻 — Avalanche, experiencing explosive growth in TVL and users, has been added to our ever-growing network of supported chains! The addition of Avalanche allows users to access their expansive ecosystem of dApps with liquid markets available on Trader Joe, Curve, and more! Liquid markets for AVAX from Avalanche wormholed to Ethereum, Solana, and BSC are also live! Find our announcement here.

Hackathon: Convergence — calling all buidlers 🏗

Wormhole and Serum are partnering to bring Convergence, an online and global hackathon running from January 7–31.

We’ve seen some great projects using Wormhole’s core layer, such as TIEXO — the first cross-chain NFT marketplace and Swim Protocol’s multi-chain AMM. Protocols such as Raydium, Bonfida, Mango markets (+more!) leverage Serum’s DEX liquidity within their projects. We’re excited to see what developers can build using Wormhole’s core layer that allows generic message passing and Serum liquidity!

With up to $5MM in prizes and funding, several prize tracks are up for grabs, while an all-star panel of judges selects projects. Find out more information about the hackathon & workshops here!

Name changes & Wormhole V1 PSA

There has been a name swap for Wormhole and Sollet wrapped assets. Sollet wrapped assets will now be prefixed with “so”. For example, Sollet wrapped ETH will be renamed from ETH to soETH. Wormhole wrapped ETH will now be named ETH compared to weWETH or WHETH previously.

These name changes will be reflected from dAPPs such as Jupiter, Saber and more who pull their token information from the Solana token list.

As Sollet wrapped assets will eventually be deprecated, there is a migration platform available for selected assets to migrate into Wormhole wrapped assets, which include: soFTT, soWETH, soUNI, soHXRO, soTOMOE, and soALEPH. A migration tutorial is available to find out more about to process.

📢PSA: Wormhole V1 token bridge will soon be deprecated! Be sure to either migrate your V1 asset to V2 tokens or send it back to Ethereum using the V1 bridge. For tokens eligible for migration, it is recommended to use the migration platform to migrate your tokens in a 1–1 swap and avoid ETH gas fees.

Everdragons integrates Wormhole SDK

Everdragons is one of the first NFT projects to integrate Wormhole’s SDK within their NFT project natively, allowing the ERC721 tokens to be sent cross-chain seamlessly. This integration enables Everdragons to remain the owner of the token contract, ensuring that they can deploy contracts on different chains and add supporting chains. Read more about the integration here.

Oasis coming soon…

We’re excited to announce that Oasis will be the next supported chain joining Wormhole, bringing incredible value 🎉. Additionally to Oasis, we have several more L1s in the pipeline for Q1 2022 — so stay tuned!

Let’s keep in touch

Be sure to join our community and keep up to date with the latest announcements (including the Oasis launch and other L1s coming soon in Q1👀). As always, feel free to let us know any feedback in our discord, whether that’s additional chains, UI/UX suggestions, liquid markets & more!

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