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02 Oct 2023

3 min read

Cross-Chain Monthly: September 2023


Welcome to the Cross-Chain Monthly, an update on all news, events, and developments in the Wormhole & Cross-Chain ecosystem. In this edition we'll cover:

  1. Wormhole Connect: Wormhole Connect has integrated Circle's CCTP
  2. Wormhole Foundation: Introducing xLabs as the first Core Contributor to Wormhole, welcoming a new Head of Research, CCEF investment
  3. Wormhole Gateway: Token bridging to Cosmos is live
  4. Powered by Wormhole: Introducing the Wormhole Case Study series, tBTC on Solana, $OSMO incentives, Pike & Synonym deep dives
  5. Community: Upcoming Decentralized Intelligence Hackathon, talks at Token2049 & Solana Hacker House, Twitter Spaces & NFT selfies
  6. Proposals/Votes: Wormhole was selected to become the cross-chain protocol for Uniswap V3 on Celo
  7. More Cross-Chain News: learn more about the cross-chain world beyond Wormhole

Let's get into it!

🟪 Wormhole Connect integrates Circle's CCTP

  • Wormhole Connect has integrated Circle's CCTP (Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol). By integrating CCTP, Connect enables app builders to offer native $USDC cross-chain transfers to their users, integrating in as little as 3 lines of code (tweet, blog post)
  • Want to dive a little deeper into the benefits of CCTP, or Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol? Check out this talk Circle dev relations & ecosystem manager @corey__cooper gave at the Encode hackathon (YouTube)
  • Sending $USDC via CCTP to and from Optimism is now live! (tweet)

🤝 Powered by Wormhole

  • Introducing the Wormhole Case Study series, highlighting the best builders and what going cross-chain with Wormhole has enabled them. First up: Pyth Network (tweet, YouTube)
  • tBTC becomes the first decentralized tokenized Bitcoin on Solana! (tweet)
  • $OSMO Incentives on various Osmosis pools containing Wormhole assets are live now (tweet, tweet)
  • Dexe Network is building infrastructure for DAOs on BNBChain and is now taking their DEXE token cross-chain with Wormhole! (tweet)
  • Check out Synonym's architecture, built on Wormhole cross-chain messaging layer (tweet)
  • Multi-chain lending markets have a few limitations which have led to siloed markets, security issues, & a not-so-great user experience. @terrycflam from @pikefinance explains Pike's solution in his talk at the Encode hackathon (YouTube)
  • It's time! Token bridging to @cosmos via Wormhole Gateway is now live! (tweet)

🛸 Wormhole Foundation

  • Introducing xLabs as the first Core Contributor to Wormhole! xLabs is relentlessly committed to empowering builders of the decentralized web by building, running, and maintaining core infrastructure for the internet of value. (tweet, blog post)
  • We are thrilled to welcome @maherlatif_ as the Head of Research at the Wormhole Foundation! Maher brings a deep understanding of economic and protocol design to the Wormhole contributor network. (tweet)
  • The Cross-Chain Ecosystem Fund (CCEF) operated by @borderless_cap has made an investment into @movementlabsxyz's pre-seed round (tweet)

🗳️ Proposals

  • Wormhole selected to become the cross-chain protocol for Uniswap V3 on Celo: an on-chain vote was passed to change the cross-chain messaging protocol used from Optics to Wormhole. (blog post, tweet)

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Community

  • Twitter Space "Resilience of Solana: Briding on Fire", hosted by Meteora (tweet)
  • In celebration of Gateway going to mainnet, what better way to celebrate Cosmos than with a fun @badkidsart selfie matching app (tweet)
  • Great to see Wormhole contributor @aakashthumaty on stage discussing the past, present, and future of interoperability @TOKEN2049 (tweet)
  • Awesome buidling at the Decentralized Intelligence Hackathon in partnership with @LearnWeb3DAO (tweet)

💻 Tech Developments

  • We're building in the open. Always. Below, you can find September's Github stats. (GitHub)

💍 Wormhole Fellows: नमस्ते India

📬 More Cross-Chain News

To delve deeper into the broader interoperability landscape and cross-chain ecosystems, check out some news below that aren't directly related to Wormhole:

  • Chainlink Extends Cross-Chain Protocol to Coinbase’s Base (news article)
  • Hydranet launches Layer 3 DEX (news article)
  • DApp store for your wallet: Consensys readying cross-chain Metamask Snaps (news article)

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