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23 Mar 2023

3 min read

Chingari | Powered by Wormhole


A New Era for Web3 Social Media

We are excited to announce that Chingari, one of the world's fastest-growing on-chain social apps, is going xChain powered by Wormhole. The social media platform is expanding to the Aptos Network, where it aims to benefit from Aptos’ scalability, security, and speed. A platform as significant as Chingari going cross-chain offers a tremendous opportunity to advance social media and Web3.

What Is Chingari?

Chingari is a vibrant social platform that entertains millions of users worldwide with short-form video content in over 15 languages. The app has already been downloaded more than 175 million times on the Google Play Store and ranks among the top 20 most downloaded apps worldwide. Chingari is powered by the GARI network and aims to enable content creators to monetize their videos using its native $GARI token.

The Benefits of Chingari Expanding to Aptos

By leveraging Wormhole's messaging protocol and bridging its native token to Aptos (while staying native to Solana) Chingari aims to significantly expand its social token ecosystem, while providing a hassle-free user experience and the following advantages:

  1. Interoperability: Adopting xChain functionality means the Gari Network will enable smooth asset and data transfers between various blockchain ecosystems, effectively minimizing entry barriers for end-users. Eventually, the network aims to become a social protocol that optimally supports products built on top of it, offering favorable trade-offs for relevant products and services.
  2. Scalability: Tapping into xChain capabilities will allow the Gari Network to utilize multiple blockchains, according to its specific needs, for enhanced scalability. This approach enables the project to offload some transactional load to other networks, improving performance. In addition, as a social protocol, the Gari Network has been integrating numerous projects through the Web3 Growth Stack, further bolstering its scalability.
  3. Increased security: Adopting xChain functionality with relevant blockchains and leveraging specific trade-offs can potentially improve the project's security, as the decentralization provided by multiple networks makes it more difficult for a single point of failure to occur.

Users who onboard to Chingari will not experience forced migrations in the Chingari app. Instead, the Gari Network's core contributors will utilize Wormhole’s token bridge to transfer the required community and ecosystem emissions, powering the soon-to-come Aptos-backed Gari wallet.

What Does This Mean for Social Media in Web3?

As mentioned above, by utilizing Wormhole to reach new markets, Chingari is signifying a new era for both social media and the Web3 ecosystem. When the Aptos-backed Gari wallet goes live in May, creators and power users will be able to monetize their content more effectively.

Learn More About Chingari

If you want to learn more about Chingari and their expansion to Aptos, check out their socials:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram | Telegram | Linktree

You’re a Builder?

Applications built with Wormhole allow users to send assets to and from any of the 20+ supported chains without double-wrapping the asset. It enables seamless access to each network’s vibrant DeFi and NFT ecosystems!

We’d love you to join us in revolutionising the cross-chain experience:

  1. You know what you are looking for? Dive straight into our docs and begin developing on the cutting-edge of cross-chain.
  2. Got questions? If you're interested in learning more about developing on Wormhole, please reach out on Discord and join the “Builder” section exclusive to developers.

Wormhole is - and always has been - open source: see our Github for more.

New to Wormhole? No Problem!

If you’re new to Wormhole, here’s what you need to know:

Wormhole is an interoperability protocol that allows projects to build on top of its generic message-passing layer. Currently, it connects to more than 20 high-level blockchains. Wormhole functions by emitting messages from the source chain that are observed and verified by validators in the Guardian network. After verification, relayers optionally submit these messages to a target chain for processing. This message-passing primitive enables xChain (cross-chain) functionality: users interact with xDapps (xChain dApps) to transfer xAssets (xChain assets) between networks or access their xData (xChain data) to provide them services on their current network.

Learn more on wormhole.com.

The Latest Wormhole Stats

  • The protocol’s total volume stands at over $35B.
  • Millions of messages are submitted each day.
  • Hundreds of millions of messages have successfully been transmitted.
  • More than 60 protocols are currently building on top of Wormhole’s generic message-passing layer. See who they are.

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